Thursday, October 26, 2006

Above A Garage, On A Property

Our apartment is located above a garage on a property two miles from my parents' home. The house and property are owned and occupied by one of my former teachers at the boys' school I attended. After leaving for college, I always kept in touch with her and saw her at church during school breaks. When she heard that Joshua and I were looking for an apartment near my parents and near church, she suggested that we look at the apartment above her garage.

The apartment is only one large room, with a kitchen in an alcove and with an enclosed bath. It is very light and pleasant, because there are windows on three sides.

For two weeks before we moved in, Joshua and I sanded the floors and applied a new coating of floor varnish, after which we painted the apartment, top to bottom, in a shade of white. My Dad helped us when he could, and my Mom kept bringing food over for all of us to eat while we worked.

Our furniture all comes from my parents' basement. We have a bed, of course, and a sofa and two armchairs, and a small antique dining table for meal times, and two bookcases. Finally, we have a piece of furniture specifically built to house our sound system, as we enjoy high-quality audio reproduction when we listen to music.

The apartment is cheerful, and large enough for Josh and me, and we like it (although we would not want to spend the next thirty years living here). It really only seems too small when we invite my parents over for dinner, which we do every Monday night. What with a dining table in one corner, the bed in another, and the sofa-armchairs-bookcases-audio furniture occupying the other half of the room, there is not a lot of extra room when we have guests over.

Still, we are very happy here.

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