Friday, October 27, 2006


I detest the word "jock", so I will only say that both Joshua and I are very athletic and enjoy sports very much.

Joshua was a basketball star in high school. He was the shooting guard for his team, and he gained a starting spot halfway through his Freshman year and he kept it until he graduated. When he was a Junior and Senior, his team was expected by many to win the state championship, but that was not to happen. Josh also ran cross-country in high school when he was a Freshman and Sophomore, but he gave it up because it was "too boring", running for miles and miles and miles, mindlessly.

My prep school did not offer much in the way of organized, competitive team sports. We did have a swim team--and a very good one--but I, unlike my two older brothers, did not join (which disappointed my parents immensely). As I told my Dad at the time, I thought that the coach was "too weird".

Tennis was always my sports passion. I was always on the tennis team, and I am still rated 5.0 and I still play whenever possible.

Josh and I play basketball constantly, and we also play handball and racquetball and swim.

We love to watch college football and college basketball, and we obviously are big fans of the Big Ten and Big Twelve conferences. Neither of us have any interest in professional sports at all.

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