Thursday, October 26, 2006

Directness And Lack Of Affectation

Our final term in school was hectic.

I lived with roommates near Capitol Hill, and Josh lived with roommates near American University. It seemed that we were always on our way across town, back and forth, to see each other.

It was not easy, finding time to be alone, because of our living situations. I suspect that my roommates got sick of seeing Josh all the time, and I suspect that Josh's roommates got sick of seeing me all the time. However, the roommates seemed to take everything in stride and with good humor, and I will always respect and appreciate them for that--and especially since all of our roommates were straight!

Neither one of us particularly cared for Washington (in fact, Josh HATED Washington), and neither of us regretted leaving Washington after our graduations and returning to the Midwest. We both embrace Midwest values and we both are happiest living among Midwesterners, with their directness and lack of affectation.

To me, Minneapolis has always been home, and I believe that Josh will find himself very happy here--but, if not, we will have to go somewhere else. If I did not think that Josh would be happy here, we would never have returned to the Twin Cities.

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