Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Without Prompting On My Part . . .

Tomorrow after work, I must fly to Indianapolis on business. I will be in Indianapolis until mid-day on Saturday.

Without any prompting on my part, Joshua asked me "Do you think your parents will mind if I go over there and stay the three nights you will be gone?"

Of course, nothing would please my parents more, and I told Josh to call my mother and to tell her that he wanted to stay over on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. And Josh called my mother, and my mother told him that she was delighted that he wanted to come over and stay, so Josh will be going over to my parents house after work tomorrow.

I really do not care for business travel, and I am glad that this trip is only for three nights, as compared to the fourteen nights I was away in January. Further, next week I must go to Baltimore on business for two nights. I do not like these trips. I prefer to be at home at night.

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