Thursday, June 14, 2007

Making It Through The Week

Nothing much has been going on this week. Joshua and I have just been going to work each day, and coming home each night, and making it through the week.

Tuesday night Josh and I played racquetball, and Wednesday night we played basketball, but otherwise we have done nothing at all.

This weekend we are going to go up to the lake. My parents are going to come, too. We are going to get the lake house ready for the week of July 4.

Truly, there is not much to do to get the house ready. We will vacuum everything, and dust everything, but otherwise everything in the house is already perfectly clean.

The following weekend we will not go the lake because my parents will be preparing for a visit from my uncle from Oregon. He will arrive the following Tuesday, June 26, three days before my brothers and my older brother’s family will arrive, on the evening of Friday, June 29.

When we gather, we will not go up to the lake until Sunday afternoon, July 1, and we will remain at the lake until early Saturday evening, July 7.

Tonight Joshua and I are getting our gear ready for the weekend, and we are trying to decide, right now, which books to take with us up to the lake.

We are in the mood for something British.

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