Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Dangers Of Blogging

I decided today that I am going to cease blogging at the end of the summer.

I decided that it is unhealthy to carry this type of thing on too long.

Two other blogs that I used to read, but stopped reading quite some time ago, were instrumental in my decision. Both of those blogs, which have no connection to each other, are written by persons who have become so immersed in their blogging that they clearly require psychiatric assistance now (which is not to suggest that these individuals did not require psychiatric assistance BEFORE they started blogging).

Neither of the bloggers in question (both strangers to me) is even of above-average intelligence, and yet both of those bloggers have become so totally and irrationally convinced of the quality and invincibility of their opinions, on an astonishing array of topics about which they lack informed--not to speak of penetrating--views, that they have long since lost touch with reality.

This is one of the dangers of blogging, I believe, and I have decided that a good time to end my blog will be at the end of the summer, when we all depart for London. My blog will be ten months old at that time, and it will have served its intended purpose: to provide Joshua and me with a record, of sorts, of our early time together, to which we can look back in future years.

However, things will not end entirely.

When we get back from London, Joshua is going to begin to blog, and he will link his blog to mine. He has been thinking about blogging for the last several months, and he has decided that the year before he starts graduate school will be an opportune time for him to take over, and continue our record of our early life together.

Josh is looking forward to the task, and he says that he plans to set the record straight (Josh accuses me of sugar-coating everything).

Maybe this is not such a good idea after all!


  1. That's too bad, Andrew. However, I respect your decision. I will be looking forward to reading Joshua's blog.

  2. You know, Opera Chanteuse, for a while I read the blogs of a couple of nuts--for entertainment purposes, mainly--and, after a while, the more and more I read their blogs, the more I shuddered. In fact, those two blogs started to disturb me.

    I think I want to step back for a while and, happily, Josh has some things he wants to say.

    However, I have some things I want to say, too, before I step aside, and I will stay active until the end of August.

    It's time for Josh to have a go at this for a few months, I think.

    You will like him--he's very funny, and he will prove to be far more entertaining than I ever could be.

  3. And thank you for your kind comments, and I hope you will have a wonderful weekend.

    And please don't try to read more than ten books this weekend. It is not good for your eyesight!

  4. Ha ha! Don't worry, I won't. I'm in rehab! Kidding aside, in the meantime, I'll be looking forward to reading your posts.

  5. Don't stop. Yours is the best blog I ever read.