Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back To The Lake

Joshua and I, and my parents, are going to go up to the lake this weekend. It will be the first visit to the lake this year for my parents.

My parents will not miss a Minnesota Orchestra concert this weekend, because the orchestra has been doing pops concerts all week, and the pops concerts will carry over into the weekend.

We are going to assemble at my parents' house tomorrow at 6:45 p.m. and head out from there. My mother will have the food for the weekend in a cooler and in a hamper, so we will not have to stop at a food store on the way.

The weather is supposed to be good this weekend, and we will have a very nice time. We will take the dog on walks through the woods, but otherwise we will just sit on the deck and enjoy the views over the lake and the peace and quiet.

Josh and I, and my parents, are still trying to decide which books to take with us this weekend, and I am sure that each of us will make the selections tonight.

This week has been a very busy one for me at work, and I look forward to a quiet and restful weekend. I had to work late into the night on Tuesday night and again last night, and I hope to be able to leave the office at a more normal hour today.


  1. Andrew, your family and you seem to lead such an idylic and laid-back lifestyle. Truth be told, I kind of envy it, what with the hustle and bustle and polution of Chicago...must be nice to have a dose of peace and quiet, even for just a weekend.

  2. Opera Chanteuse, I was at the office, working on an assigned project, for eleven hours on Monday, for thirteen hours on Tuesday, and for fifteen hours yesterday. I am so tired that my eyes are bleary. I am so tired that I cannot think clearly.

    Laid-back lifestyle? I don't think so. I will NEED this coming weekend out of town.

    I hope you are doing well, and having more fun than I am.