Monday, September 03, 2012

“Relatives Are The Worst Friends, Said The Fox As The Dogs Took After Him”

Danish SS personnel on the Eastern Front in 1942


The other day we visited a large lunatic asylum near Munich and attended a lecture on racial science. It was fantastic to watch the mob of human wrecks they’d gathered there. I just wonder why they keep them alive.

Afterwards we visited the famous concentration camp, Dachau, and saw it from one end to the other. It was a great experience. You all know what one hears in Denmark about concentration camps. Like the rest, it’s lies from end to end. You can’t imagine how amazing the order and cleanliness are around here and what incredible work is being performed.

Danish SS Officer Per Sørensen, writing home to his parents from Munich in 1942


The Danish volunteers saw action primarily at the Eastern Front and therefore were in a good position to become acquainted with the kind of Nazi racial policies and brutal warfare that characterized the occupation regime in Central and Eastern Europe. The units containing the majority of Danes were mainly involved in frontline duty, and research suggests that they took part in the war of extermination on more or less the same level as most other Waffen SS frontline units.

Claus Bundgård Christensen, Niels Bo Poulsen and Peter Scharff Smith, in their seminal study of the Danish SS, issued in 1997 and essential reading to historians of the period

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