Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Justizpalast Munich

We explored the exterior of Munich's Palace Of Justice on August 2 of this year. The magnificent Beaux-Arts structure occupies three city blocks.

My brother and I first visited Munich in November 2002. Strolling the city streets, we encountered the enormous building by surprise and were instantly captivated by its beauty and grandeur.

The postcard below is from the 1890's, when the Palace Of Justice was Munich's newest public building.

The photograph below is from a travel guide of Germany published in the 1890's.

The photograph below, from 1945, shows the Palace Of Justice at war's end. The post-war reconstruction largely recreated the original exterior, but the lavish pre-war interior was much simplified during reconstruction.

Munich's Palace Of Justice was scene of numerous treason trials during World War II.

Members of The White Rose, among many others, were tried and condemned to death at Justizpalast.


  1. Awesome! Munich is such a beautiful city, isn't it? I love how the townfolks there voted to rebuild in the old style after the devastation of WW II. I remember reading many accounts of how the Germans came out and cleaned up the street the morning after each bombing. Here we had a wind storm a week ago and it took 4 days before the palm debris were swept off the street (and tugged onto the yards instead :oP).

    I had never gone inside the Munich townhall, though. Must be sure to do that the next time I pass that way! :oD

    Cheerio from sunny San Diego,
    Smorgy :o)

  2. Yes, Munich is indeed quite beautiful.

    Like you, I have never visited the interior of Munich's Rathaus.

  3. Did you go inside the Justizpalast? It's remarkable, especially as a work of restoration after so much of it had been destroyed in the war.