Monday, January 06, 2014

Fran McCaffery Goes Berserk Again (What Else Is New?)

University Of Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery went berserk again yesterday.

What else is new?

Although McCaffery was thrown out of yesterday’s game, at least his wife, Margaret, was not ejected, too—which marks progress of a sort, I suppose. (The University Of Iowa Athletic Department has banned Margaret McCaffery from sitting behind the team bench, an attempt to hold her embarrassing behavior to some manageable level.)

I wonder what goes through this moron’s mind as he tries to attack the game referees.

At least McCaffery’s assistant coaches tried to prevent him from landing punches.

Memo To Sally Mason:

Your basketball coach is an embarrassment to your university.

He is also an embarrassment to the Big Ten Conference as well as to the sport of college basketball.

Do the right thing.


  1. Mason must believe that any negative PR is preferable to no PR whatsoever.

    Okay, I found Act I of "Sunset Boulevard," recorded on video from an audience in London, with Betty Buckley as Norma, on YouTube.

    The video and sound were poor, but I was hooked when I heard Norma's first major song, "With One Look." It is the best music I ever heard from ALW, I admit.

    You were right. Perhaps I owe the composer an apology.

  2. The Act II “aria” for Norma Desmond is even better. I have seen Elaine Paige do the Act II “aria” on television, and Paige was sensational.

    See if your local library has the two-disc Patti LuPone recording. It is very fine (even though Lloyd Webber dismissed LuPone from the show during the London run and replaced her with Betty Buckley) and well worth hearing.

    I’ve never heard the Glenn Close recording . . . and do not plan to.