Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quiz Time

Two season passes to the Minnesota Orchestra’s 2013-2014 subscription season will be awarded to the first person correctly to identify the American cellist in the above photograph, shown guzzling booze in public.

I have never encountered a more flattering photograph of this particular artiste, what with her hair concealing her face, abetted by the indoor use of sunglasses. Never before has she looked even one-half as presentable.

Might I suggest, as a courtesy to audiences, that she adopt similar blandishments for all future concert and recital appearances?


  1. Yes, indeed, the cellist is the lustrous Alissa Weilerstein. However did you guess?

    I have never seen Weilerstein more beautifully presented!

    (And I assure you the photo is genuine.)

  2. Alisa, not Alissa.

    I don't know why I have been sticking an extra "s" into her name of late. Perhaps because she's so fat?

  3. Yes, it was a most difficult guess on my part. The glasses wee a dead giveaway: Celebrities in show business always wear dark glasses in bars in order discourage their fans from falling over themselves while seeking autographs.

    The prolonged sibilance occasioned by your misspelling is a telling metaphoric onomatopoeia, don't you think? A Freudian slip no doubt.

  4. Here is my defense: I was so blinded by her beauty, I lost my ability to spell.

    Do you think anyone will buy that?

  5. OK.

    Then I must confess: I have been drinking too heavily of late to spell.

    In fact, it was I who emptied all the beer, wine and cocktail glasses seen on the table in the Weilerstein photograph.

  6. And a very, very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    1. May you and Josh and your entire family have a restful and happy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!


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