Sunday, October 06, 2013

1963: The Guthrie Prepares To Open

Tyrone Guthrie, Artistic Director of The Guthrie Theater, conferring with the Production Manager and an Assistant Stage Manager during “Hamlet” rehearsals in 1963.

The Guthrie was to open that year with “Hamlet”—and the original Guthrie building was to close with another production of “Hamlet” forty-three years later.

Joshua’s one and only visit to the original Guthrie was during Easter Weekend 2006, when he and I attended a performance of that closing “Hamlet”.

I thought at the time—and I still think—that the demolition of the original Guthrie after only 43 years of use was a crime. It is my hope that the new building, a Jean Nouvel eyesore, enjoys a similarly-brief lifespan; I hope to live to see its demolition.

Guthrie stepped down as Artistic Director of The Guthrie in 1966, although he continued to direct at the theater that bore his name for another three years.

The final production Guthrie directed in Minneapolis was “Uncle Vanya”, a production that opened in 1969.

Last weekend, Josh and I took Josh’s sister downtown to see the current Guthrie production of “Uncle Vanya”.

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