Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Pre-Med Student With A 3.9 GPA

I am by no means an Ohio State fan, but I believe it is obvious that Aaron Craft is the finest all-around player in the Big Ten Conference.

This week, sportswriters covering the Big Ten named Craft to the all-conference First Team—yet Big Ten coaches placed Craft on the all-conference Second Team.

Coaches hate Craft because he shuts down an opponent’s highest-scoring guard.

Minnesota had trouble scoring against Ohio State this season. In the only meeting between the two teams, Minnesota suffered its worst loss of the year, 71-45. Craft single-handedly disrupted the flow of the Minnesota offense in that game.

The following game, the Minnesota offense was back on track: the Golden Gophers shocked Indiana, then the nation’s top-ranked team, 77-73.

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