Monday, February 04, 2013


Noah, a French classmate and friend from my Vienna academic year.

I caught up with Noah, whom I had not seen in almost nine years, in Paris.

Noah is my age—he was born exactly 28 days before me—but he has never been able to find employment in his chosen field (Noah is a trained economist). Jobs have been hard to come by in France for years.

At one point, Noah thought he had lined up a job with an arm of the European Union, but the job never came through. At a later point, Noah received an employment offer from Crédit Agricole, only to have it formally withdrawn prior to his start date owing to the banking crisis in France.

At present, Noah works as a DJ—not exactly what he wants to do with his life.

Noah may come stay with us this summer, just to get out of Paris for a few weeks.

We have warned him that there is not much to do in Minneapolis.

However, Noah likes the idea of coming here, and seeing and experiencing the “real” America (by which Noah means something other than New York City).

I reminded Noah that I am extremely boring. His response was, “Yes. I already know that.”


  1. You are not boring in the slightest bit, Andrew.

  2. Noah likes to go out at night, and listen to music in clubs.

    We like to read at night.

  3. Terry, this coming weekend, check your email. I have an interesting series of events to relate to you.

    Joshua and I have a stalker, a mentally ill woman from Springfield, Oregon. More than a month ago, my father went to law-enforcement authorities for assistance, and we learned all sorts of extraordinary things about this disturbed woman. Her activities, online and otherwise, are being monitored (she traveled to the Twin Cities last weekend).

    The woman is 46 years old!

    1. In that case Noah would surely find me a CRASHING bore.

      I'll keep an eye out this weekend, certainly. This is quite unnerving.