Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Sudetenland Election

December 1938: Counting votes in the Sudetenland.

Hitler received an absurd 97.32% of the vote in the Sudetenland election of December 4, 1938, an election long viewed as the worldwide template for corrupt voting practices and procedures.

Two days ago, in the U.S. Presidential Election, OBarney Fife outperformed Hitler’s preposterous Sudetenland totals in the black precincts of Philadelphia.

The governing principles of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu live on.

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  1. Hi, I've just discovered your blog and I've read it so far with real interest. Your knowledge in art is impressive.

    But this post is truly a disgrace for someone as brilliant as you are, especially when you are so interested in history.
    You don't love Obama. I understand that and I guess you have your reasons. But comparing him to Hitler and his methods is embarrassing and completely out of touch with reality. Sure he gained 98% or more in this particular black area. But in this case, what to say about the 73% of Utans who voted for Romney? I checked and 91% of the vote in Rich County, Utah went to him. And what about the 96% in King county, Texas?

    This part is a bit more personal. I truly wonder how, as a gay man, you can have so much anger against this guy and his party. I'm not telling you should vote democrat because you're gay. I totally respect your opinions and democrats are far (veeeeery far) from being perfect. But, at least, if things move socially speaking, it's because democrats (and a few republicans) are trying to change laws and the way Americans think. I mean, if you and your partner want to marry and adopt in Minnesota, it's essentially thanks to democrats.
    You might have been disappointed with the election results and this post seems to be the result of a deep frustration, but Obama and his first government have a few successes you can't deny and denigrate. Obamacare will be his biggest and best heritage (I'm speaking as a soon-to-be doctor). He had an important role in the DOMA case as well.

    I hope I haven't upset you with what I've written, but I felt I needed to explain my point of view and write my frustration with this post.

    Thank you for this blog,