Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Art Deco In Edina

There are numerous Art Deco buildings in Edina that, miraculously, have survived the passing decades.

Edina Cinema, in downtown Edina, is one such old Art Deco structure. Beautifully-maintained, Edina Cinema now thrives as an art-house cinema with four screens.

On Sunday evening, we took my mother to see a French film, “The Well-Digger’s Daughter”, at Edina Cinema.

We are not regular filmgoers. However, on the rare occasion that we do go to the movies, it invariably is on a Sunday afternoon or a Sunday evening.

It is possible we will take my mother to see another French film next Sunday evening, “Little White Lies”.

My mother has a particular interest in French cinema—even though French cinema of today is neither vibrant nor important. My mother’s interest in French cinema goes back to her college days, when French cinema was indeed both vital and influential.

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