Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sort Of Lame

Well . . .

“42nd Street” at Bloomington Civic Theatre was sort of lame.

But, then, the show itself is sort of lame.

We enjoyed the tap dancing (and there was lots of tap dancing). And we enjoyed an evening out.

And I never want to see “42nd Street” again.


My parents saw the 1980 Broadway production of “42nd Street”—five years into the run. The performance, they recall, was gruesome—rote, mechanical, geared toward the Japanese tourist trade. My parents were barely able to sit through the thing.

That’s about how we all felt on Saturday night.


We hope we are not in for similar pleasures next week. From Wednesday through Sunday, we shall attend eight plays, one musical and one opera at The Shaw Festival. If the performances and productions are not good, it will be a long five days.

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