Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Page From The Luttrell Psalter

Unknown Scribes And Artists
The Luttrell Psalter: Harrowing
Completed No Later Than 1340
The British Library, London

Ink, Pigments, Silver And Gold On Vellum
14 3/8 Inches By 9 13/16 Inches


The Luttrell Psalter, an illuminated book of psalms and canticles, was created by anonymous scribes and artists in the early 14th Century. The depictions of rural life in the margins of The Luttrell Psalter represent one of the best records of life in Britain during The Middle Ages.

The Luttrell Psalter remained in private hands for 600 years. Finally put up for sale in 1929, The Luttrell Psalter fetched an astronomical—and record—price. American financier J.P. Morgan made an interest-free loan to The British Library in order that The Luttrell Psalter join other Medieval illuminated manuscripts in the Library’s public collection.

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