Saturday, October 22, 2011

“The Best Color Is The One That Looks Good On You”

Coco Chanel’s maxim has apparently been banned in London.

This 2007 photograph presents Britain’s hideously overdressed Royal Ballet, the worst-costumed dance company on the planet.


  1. That was 37 years ago and that ballet is rarely to be seen in the 21st century, what are you saying about anything that happened this year?

  2. Sitemeter is a useful tool.

    You entered three idiotic comments on my post of September 23, using a different name each time (and creating a brand new blogger profile each time).

    Of course, I hardly needed sitemeter to recognize this fact. Your blatantly-low IQ blew your attempted cover every time.

    Is your mission to demonstrate, on a global level, that Britain is now populated primarily by morons? If so, you are succeeding.

  3. Whatever the date of the photograph, the production and costumes date from the 70s and are not representative of the current offerings to be seen at Covent Garden.