Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Couple Of Super-Turkeys

Thanksgiving has come early this year.

Anyone asking why the Atlanta Symphony has such serious attendance problems as well as such a huge debt load need only look at the photograph below for answers.

And, no, the photograph is not an outtake from the film, "Mississippi Burning", although anyone might be forgiven for making such an assumption.

The image has not been altered in any way—although one may certainly question the sanity of whichever Atlanta Symphony orchestral administrators approved the release of such a dismaying albeit hilarious photograph.

Are there two bigger turkeys, anywhere, than Robert Spano and Donald Runnicles?

And need one ask why the much-heralded project of a new concert hall for the Atlanta Symphony was (very, very quietly) shelved?


  1. I agree. That photo is pretty bad. What were they thinking?

    Robert Spano and Donald Runnicles stink.

    Both men are known to be very, very odd.

  2. Yes, both conductors certainly DO stink.

    If you ever want to hear an indescribably bad recording, a veritable party record, try the Spano recording of the Berlioz Requiem.

    It is so dreadfully awful, I am amazed it was even released.