Monday, June 20, 2011

Guest Of Honor

This remarkable photograph was taken on January 11, 1925, at Steinway And Sons in Manhattan.

The photograph records a great event: musical New York’s official welcome extended to Wilhelm Furtwangler on the occasion of his first appearances in the United States. The reception was held on Furtwangler’s eighth day in New York.

A glittering array of legendary figures was present for the occasion.

Igor Stravinsky, Nikolai Medtner and Josef Hofman are in the front row.

Fritz Kreisler and Sergei Rachmaninoff are in the second row.

Aexander Siloti occupies the upper-right corner of the photograph.

Today it would be impossible to assemble a comparable group of musicians, as none such as a Stravinsky, a Furtwangler, a Kreisler, a Hofman or a Rachmaninoff exist.

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