Saturday, April 30, 2011

Summer Travel Plans

Joshua is dealing with final exams and graduation plans and bar exam preparations, I am dealing with work and movers, my parents are dealing with a gravely ill relative—and all of us are itching to take an interesting trip.

My parents had planned to spend two weeks in Provence during late March/early April, but the illness of one of my mother’s siblings caused my parents to cancel such plans. My parents may attempt to travel to Provence in September or October of this year—but, they say, it is far more likely that they will wait until March/April 2012 before scheduling a trip to the South Of France (my parents particularly want to visit Provence in early Spring).

In the meantime, my parents want to take an interesting trip—and so does my middle brother, and so do Josh and I.

We have decided that late summer will be a particularly good time for a trip. It suits the schedules of my parents, it suits the schedule of my middle brother, and it suits Josh’s schedule and my schedule.

Josh and I cannot go anywhere in June or July, as Josh will be studying for and taking the Minnesota Bar Examination during those months. For Josh and me, our only window for a trip will be from Thursday, July 28 (the day after the final day of the Minnesota Bar Examination) through Monday, September 5 (on the following day, Josh will start a new job and I will return to my old firm in Minneapolis).

In the last few days, we have made some tentative plans.

Our intent is to undertake a short trip to Great Britain, departing Minneapolis on Friday, August 5, and returning on Sunday, August 14. We plan to spend three days/four nights in London, and afterward spend five days/four nights visiting a few attractions in Southern England: Portsmouth, The Isle Of Wight, Brighton, Leeds Castle, Royal Tunbridge Wells and Chartwell.

Despite countless trips to Britain, and despite an eighteen-day jaunt through Southern England as recently as 2008, none of us has ever visited the above-mentioned attractions in Southern England. We particularly look forward to The Isle Of Wight and a visit to Osborne House.

The last time we went on a trip was March of last year, when we toured Greece.

We were, alas, disappointed with Greece—but we know that we will not be disappointed with a return to Britain.

We would like to extend our trip by adding a week in a continental city, but August is not a good month for visiting Europe. The weather should be mild in Britain, but the continent is fraught with problems in August, hot weather and crowds being the most serious difficulties to endure.

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