Friday, February 18, 2011

Das Hans Sachs Ballet

Portrayed in this photograph is “Das Hans Sachs Ballet”, an indescribable presentation danced—presumably to the music of Richard Wagner—during the World Chess Championships in Munich in 1936.

Spectators must have been spellbound.


  1. I would love to have been there in 1936.

    Andrew, can you from what language the following website text was "translated" guess?


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    Level 1 Evaluation:

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    What was it that Horace wrote about the translator "ex machina"?

    "Verbatim et litteratim"

  2. I, too, regret missing that 1936 performance. It must have been unforgettable.

    My guess: the text from German was translated.

    I’m still working on writing about our Balanchine weekend from last month—and, when finished, I must get back to writing about Greece while my memory remains fresh.

    Josh and I are home this long holiday weekend. There was nowhere we wanted to go.

    Last night, we heard the Takacs Quartet. Tomorrow afternoon, we shall hear “Israel In Egypt” performed by The Handel And Haydn Society. I am looking forward to it.

  3. German, yes. Kind of obvious, I think. The text comes from the website of "Translation-Engineering," Munich:

    "Hoch spezialisiertes Übersetzungsbüro für Fachübersetzungen in Medizin, Technik, Recht, Wirtschaft und Patentwesen. Übersetzungsdienst für Übersetzungen . . . ."

    I am happy that you have not abandoned your Balanchine review.

    I hope you enjoy tomorrow afternoon's concert. "Israel in Egypt" is one of my favorite Handel oratorios (along with "Saul") - after, of course, "Messiah."

  4. I like "Israel In Egypt", too. It is one of my favorite Handel oratorios.

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