Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Princess Henry Of Pless As World War I Nurse

Princess Henry Of Pless, who served Germany as a nurse first in Berlin and later at several Eastern and Western fronts from 1914 until 1918, is here photographed with wounded German soldiers under her care.

It is unknown, during her service for Germany, whether Princess Henry deprived wounded British soldiers of water, although that would have been very unlikely, as Princess Henry was herself British (she had married into the German nobility in 1901) and, further, was a relative of Winston Churchill as well as a personal friend of The Prince Of Wales, with whom she corresponded throughout the war.

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  1. Interesting info, Drew. Can you possibly tell me where I could locate a higher-res copy of this photo? I'd like to include it in an upcoming project. Thanks for your help and also for posting this.