Friday, October 22, 2010

Varlaam Monastery

Varlaam Monastery, which we visited on the afternoon of March 17.



    I have finally decided upon MY costume for Halloween, Andrew, a very inexpensive choice based upon the following excerpts from a sad news story about a Texas high school cheerleader:

    In a case that largely has been ignored by the mainstream media, a federal appeals court has upheld the decision of a Texas school district to punish a cheerleader for refusing to cheer for a player who pleaded guilty to attacking her.

    While a grand jury decided against indicting Rakheem Bolton, the basketball player later pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of Class A assault.

    The case involves the minor girl identified in court documents only as H.S., from Silsbee High School in Texas . . . .

    ". . . Well, I'm sure H.S. never expected to be 'volunteering' to cheer for someone who had assaulted her," Alex DiBranco wrote in a commentary at Women's Rights, one of the few blogs and opinion sites even to mention the case.

    "And the idea that just being silent during Bolton's free throws, a barely noticeable act, was 'substantial interference with the work of the school,' – um, we're talking extracurricular sports, not classroom disruption – makes little sense."

    And so, I’ve decided to go "trick-or-treating" dressed as a “barely noticeable free throw.”

    The costume will consist of a basketball, a pair of Iowa City cowgirl booties – and nothing else.

    When one is confused because of imprecise writing, he is not confused over nothing. He is confused over ANYTHING.

  2. Uh . . .

    I would reconsider the costume if I were you.

    After all, it may be chilly that night.