Sunday, September 26, 2010

En Route To Meteora

Early on the morning of March 17, en route to Meteora, we stopped in Lamia, a town of 60,000 persons in Central Greece. The origins of Lamia date back 2500 years.

We spent an hour exploring the center of town, which was mostly unremarkable but very pleasant.

Lamia has four town squares, around one of which is the town’s Cathedral.

Lamia is home to an important archeological museum, but we did not attempt to locate or visit the museum.

On a hilltop at the edge of town is a fortress dating back to the Frankish occupation of Greece. The Frankish fortress was built atop the ruins of an ancient citadel constructed by the Spartans, who once ruled Lamia.

We did not attempt to visit the fortress.

Several important ancient military battles occurred in and around Lamia, making the area a vital destination for historians of ancient Greece.

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