Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Could Not Agree More

There are so many more interesting things to think about than whether Ida Lupino or Jane Wyman got the roles I should have gotten.

Alexis Smith


  1. You are so funny. This makes me laugh.

    I miss you.

    We have been following your descriptions of your trip to Greece. You do not sound all that enthused. If you remember, Calvin became ill when we traveled to Greece at Christmas a few years back. Of course, we went island-hopping, not inland.

  2. The trip to Greece was, in many ways, a disappointment. I doubt we shall ever go back.

    There are only so many piles of rocks one may view, with the odd Ionic column poking its head out from the ruins, before one simply declares, "Enough!"

    I probably should write about Delphi, which was the stop after Patras, but I am having trouble getting interested in writing about it.