Friday, August 06, 2010

Brancusi's "Male Torso"

While visiting the Cleveland Museum Of Art over Memorial Day Weekend, Joshua and I encountered one of the Twentieth Century’s seminal works of art, Constantin Brancusi’s “Male Torso”.

Brancusi created several versions of “Male Torso”, but the “Male Torso” in Cleveland is, I believe, the only one created from polished brass. The Cleveland “Male Torso” is generally considered to be the finest and most important version of the work.

Perhaps because it reflects light, the Cleveland “Male Torso” is much, much more fascinating than the wood version (created from maple) owned by the Philadelphia Museum Of Art. The Philadelphia version of “Male Torso” is nowhere near so remarkable as the Cleveland version.


Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957)
Male Torso
Cleveland Museum Of Art

Polished Brass
18 1/2 Inches By 12 3/8 Inches By 6 7/8 Inches

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