Friday, October 16, 2009

Peace And Plenty

John Whetten Ehninger (1827-1889)
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington

Oil On Canvas
32 1/4 Inches By 54 1/8 Inches


  1. Man... looking at this thing makes me miss the good ole Midwest! :o) There was really nothing to see... but we saw a lot of what we could see!

    Hope October is going well in your neck of the woods!

    Smorgy :o)

  2. Hey, Smorg. I hope your October is going well, too.

    Are you the Smorg of I assume you are because you wrote about Rossini's "Tancredi" on my blog as well as on your own blog.

    If so, you are a native of Saint Joseph, Missouri, and you obviously know the Midwest well. I have never been to Saint Joseph, but I hear it is a nice town.

    I love the Midwest, and I love people from the Midwest.

    It appears that you get back to Saint Joseph often.

    Good for you.

  3. Hiya Andrew,
    I'm Smorg the opera dude at SmorgZone indeed. :o) San Diego's resident hillbilly, especially when I turn up at the opera house! ;o)

    I'm really glad to hear that you love the Midwest, too! I miss it the most this time of year. There is nothing quite like hiking down Katy's Trail when the leaves are changing. Now when I walk around town here in San Diego I find myself wasting a lot of my camera's memory card space shooting at the few trees that are turning orange and yellow. :oP They're just as misplaced as I am! I really should go home more often.

    Cheerio from sunny San Diego! :o)