Saturday, October 24, 2009

Iowa 15, Michigan State 13

Since Joshua and I do not have a television, my boss and his wife invited Josh and me over for dinner tonight so that we might watch the Iowa-Michigan State game from East Lansing.

I suffered twenty near-fatal heart attacks during the final two minutes of play.

It was an unbelievable finish.

I am still screaming—and anyone who watched the game tonight will know why.

This year’s Hawkeye team is a team of destiny. I have never seen a team play with so much heart—and such sheer guts.

My father is ecstatic beyond description. He would be screaming, too, if my mother would allow it.

Screaming is the order of the night for Hawkeye fans everywhere.

This just in from a friend in Iowa City:

I ran out onto the balcony when it was over. Literally everyone in Iowa City was outside, screaming at the top of their lungs. It was bizarre, and eerie, and cool. So I joined them.


  1. I presume you realize I do not share your enthusiasm about last night's outcome.