Monday, June 08, 2009

"Titian, Tintoretto And Veronese"

This past weekend, Joshua and I went downtown to see Boston’s most important art exhibition of the year, “Titian, Tintoretto And Veronese: Rivals In Renaissance Venice”, at the Boston Museum Of Fine Arts.

The exhibition was superb. We were exceedingly pleased. Although there were only fifty-some paintings in the exhibition, it took Josh and me more than two hours to get through the exhibition. The exhibition was so fine that we may visit the exhibition again next weekend, too. We bought the exhibition catalog, and we plan to read it this week. It should make a second visit to the exhibition even more enriching for us.

The exhibition has proven to be very popular with Boston art-lovers. “Titian, Tintoretto And Veronese” was originally intended to end in mid-July, but the exhibition has now been extended until mid-August, when the paintings must travel to the Louvre, the only other venue for the exhibition.

The exhibition has received generous press attention. Major national magazines—TIME, Newsweek—have covered the exhibition, as have various national arts quarterlies such as The New Criterion. Most national newspapers have written about “Titian, Tintoretto And Veronese”. Even the Los Angeles Times sent its art critic to Boston for the opening.

London’s Times covered “Titian, Tintoretto And Veronese”, too, offering an extensive review written by Professor Rabb, now retired from Princeton.

It is not often that an art exhibition generates such a vast amount of press coverage.

I wish my mother could visit the exhibition. I told her all about it. Josh and I will take the exhibition catalog to Minneapolis in July so that my mother may read it. It would be nice if my parents could make a brief visit to Boston to attend “Titian, Tintoretto And Veronese” before the exhibition ends, but I do not believe their schedules will permit it.

The Boston Museum Of Fine Arts needs to review its admission policy. Tickets to “Titian, Tintoretto And Veronese” cost $25.00, far too much for an art exhibition. Admission to tax-supported institutions should be free, and admission to temporary exhibitions at tax-supported institutions should carry no more than a nominal charge.

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