Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not Up To Much

Joshua and I have not been up to much.

Last weekend, we were in Oklahoma for Josh’s brother’s high school graduation. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it was encouraging to see so many fresh-faced young men and women marking the end of their high school days. Josh and I were very pleased that we were able to make it to the graduation.

Josh’s parents hosted a graduation party after the ceremony, and all of Josh’s aunts and uncles attended, including a couple of which I had not previously met. There was a big cookout in the back yard, followed by cake and homemade ice cream.

We spent much of the weekend discussing our upcoming trip. We already know how we will spend our week in Austria, but we devoted significant attention to discussing how we might spend our four days in Munich. We did not make any firm decisions, but we know we will easily be able to visit the essential attractions of Munich in the allotted time.

Josh’s time is now his own for the rest of the summer. Since Josh and I will be away during July and the first half of August, Josh is presently trying to decide what to do with his time during the month of June.

Josh has not come up with anything yet. However, we have made weekend plans for the last weekend of June. For only the second time since our 2006 graduations, Josh and I will return to Washington for a weekend.

The genesis of the weekend is a visit to Washington by the Royal Ballet.

When my father read that the Royal Ballet will be appearing in Washington this summer, he asked my mother whether she wanted to travel to Washington to see one or two of the performances. Since my parents will not take a trip this summer, my father thought that a short summer visit to Washington might appeal to my mother.

My mother was delighted at the prospect of seeing the Royal Ballet. After a little research, she was even more delighted when she learned that in June there will be two plays in Washington she and my father want to see. The icing on the cake for my mother was her discovery that there will be six important art exhibitions on display in Washington in late June: two at the Corcoran; two at the National Gallery; one at the Renwick; and one at the Smithsonian Museum Of American Art.

All of this was more than enough to make a trip to Washington worthwhile, and my parents booked the trip—and asked Josh and me whether we wanted to join them.

Josh and I looked at the various offerings, and we immediately said “Yes”.

We should be able to fit everything we want to see and do in Washington into two full days and nights.

It should be a good way to wrap up the month of June—and a good way to spend our final weekend before returning home for the summer.

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