Sunday, May 03, 2009


Near Esplanade is another of Hamburg’s most elegant thoroughfares, Colonnaden.

Originally built in 1876 and 1877 as a private road to link Jungfernstieg with Dammtorbahnhof (Hamburg’s second-largest city train station), Colonnaden quickly became Hamburg’s most elegant address. Colonnaden derives its name from its street-long row of arcaded columns—and quite a lengthy street it is, too.

Colonnaden is lined with splendid, historically-important Neo-Renaissance buildings, with richly-decorated facades, all arcaded. Nearly all of the buildings on the street were designed by renowned architects and, unlike Esplanade, almost all of the original buildings on Colonnaden remain in place.

Colonnaden is now a pedestrian street. Gracious apartment buildings sit atop expensive, sophisticated shops and fine dining establishments.

Colonnaden remains one of the most exclusive addresses in Hamburg proper.

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