Monday, January 12, 2009

A Tense Time

These have been a tense couple of weeks.

Joshua’s exam period ends in two more days, after which he will have a ten-day break before the second term begins.

I have been very quiet and very supportive during this period, and I have tried to stay out of the way.

Among other things, I have been doing lots of reading, and lots of cooking so that Josh can eat anything he wants, at anytime, day or night.

I have also been playing around on the computer. For instance, over the past couple of days, I have added categories (tags) to some of my old blog posts so that they may be accessed by subject matter. This task, more than anything else, has made me realize how profoundly boring I am!

My brother arrives late Friday afternoon, and Josh and I look forward to his visit very much. We’ll have all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to have some fun with him. Josh and I need some fun, and my brother’s visit is just what the doctor ordered. My brother is very good company, and we will give him a splendid short vacation, sort of a payback for all the help he provided when we set up our apartment. There will be no painting for him to do on this visit!

The following weekend, Josh and I will go away for a couple of days, primarily because we need to get out of Boston.

Neither one of us can stand the place. It depresses us beyond words.


  1. I'm sorry you're having that reaction to Boston since you're going to need to be there for a couple of more years. I came to Boston from New York City to study and fell completely in love with the place. I now live in southern New Hampshire in a situation I'm incredibly happy in but I still look forward to my trips back for opera, the occasional design job, and to visit friends.

    Anyway, have a great time with the bro and best of luck to Joshua on the exams

  2. Thank you for your extremely kind words and wishes.

    Boston is one of those places, I think, that people either love or hate.

    And, who knows? Perhaps I shall change my mind in future!

    I thank you again for your very generous thoughts.


  3. And I hope you're not pining for your home state right now. Yesterday on the way to work it was -22F actual temperature.

    Thanks for you interesting thoughts on La Rondine. I apprecitated your thoughts on Gherogiu's performance. I have her EMI recording of La Rondine and it is great. You are definitely right about the earlier acts being better and Act III is definitely wanting something (death?).

    Buck up and be glad you're not experiencing this winter in Minnesota. Very high on the pain in the posterior index.

  4. Why don't you guys come down here the weekend after next? I have no plans, and we can come up with something interesting to do before Joshie's classes start up.

    Think about it.

    You can come any weekend you want, you know, even at the last minute.

    A change in scenery might do you both some good.

  5. Oh, yes, Vercingetorix, I have been hearing all about the Minneapolis weather, I assure you. It has been brutal of late.

    However, it has not been exactly balmy here, either. It's been cold for days. The temperature range for the next 24 hours is supposed to be between 7 and 16 degrees.

    I have that EMI "Rondine". Like you, I appreciate it very much.

    Keep warm, and keep safe.

  6. We're doing fine, Paul, but we can't come down that weekend. We already have plans. We'll have to do it another time. Much thanks, though.

    You should come up here soon--but I'd wait until it warms up a bit. This weekend is supposed to be bad, and the weather may force us to alter our plans to take some self-guided walking tours of old Boston this weekend.

  7. Joshua says you are depressed. Why are you depressed? Is it Boston that depresses you? It can't be that bad. As you know, I've never been to the States, but Calvin says Boston has three fine museums. Perhaps you should make more museum visits?

    We hope this is only temporary. Wishing that your cheeriness and sunniness return IMMEDIATELT!


    (Calvin sends his best. He is back to reading Gibbon, and uttering gloomy pronouncements. I ignore him.)

  8. I’m doing fine, Edythe—a touch of the post-Christmas, midwinter doldrums, nothing more.