Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Welcome To The World

A girl in the family, at last!

Helena Anna, christened after your great-grandmother, welcome to the world!

We thought perhaps you were waiting for your father’s birthday to bless us, but you chose your great-grandmother’s birthday instead!

We wish you a life of great accomplishment, purest beauty and undying love.


  1. Congratulations to Uncle Andrew!


  2. Thank you, Dane.

    We are very, very excited, naturally.

    I wish we were going home today!

  3. Swell news, buddy.

    You're an uncle now twice over!

  4. Yup, big news. We got the call very, very early this morning. As soon as the phone rang, waking us up, I knew who was calling and why. I didn't think a telemarketer was trying to sell time shares in Hawaii at that hour.