Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Summer Ist Icumen In"

Tonight is the last night Joshua and I will stay with my mother. My father will return from Taipei tomorrow, and Josh and I will go back to our own place.

My father is scheduled to arrive in Minneapolis just past noon tomorrow. His outbound flight to Taipei involved a journey of almost twenty hours’ duration. His return flight to Minneapolis will be considerably shorter, assuming everything proceeds as scheduled: fifteen hours and thirty-five minutes. My father and his colleagues were routed through San Francisco on the outbound flights. The return flights will be routed through Tokyo. Happily, travel between Minneapolis and Taipei involves only one change of plane.

He will get some rest when he arrives home tomorrow, but he must go into the office on Thursday and Friday. My mother has kept this coming weekend free, so that my father need do nothing but rest.

It is possible that my parents will use their tickets to the Minnesota Orchestra this weekend. The orchestra will play Schubert’s Eighth and Mahler’s Ninth under Mark Wigglesworth. My mother asked Josh and me whether we wanted to use the tickets, and we told her to keep the tickets in the event my father wanted to hear the concert. My parents will probably decide at the last minute whether or not to go, depending entirely upon whether my father wants to stay home that night or venture out.

Josh and I have nothing planned for this weekend. The following weekend, we may go up to the lake for the first time this year. If we decide to go, we will probably ask my parents whether they want to go, too. The following weekend is Memorial Day weekend, and Josh and I will spend that weekend in Denver while my parents will spend that weekend in New York.

I cannot believe it, but summer is almost here.


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  2. Hey, Andrew:

    Over at my blog, Josh complains that you never take him anywhere fun.

    Well, he didn't exactly say that.

    He said that you are MEAN for not taking him to Italy as you had promised.

    I wish you a great night, Andrew.

    Take Josh to Italy some time!


  3. And, oh, you and Joshua are invited to tag along with me in June to Rhode Island for my cousin's wedding.

    As my long-lost relatives from the South, apparently, according to Josh.

  4. Well, J.R., I am caught up now on what you are talking about.

    Sometime Josh and I WILL go to Italy, but I don't think we can make it this year.

    It's not like we have unlimited vacation time! At least we've been to a few places in the last two years.

    I'd love to go to Rhode Island with you, but I have a distinct Minnesota accent and I don't think I could pass myself off as being from the South!

    Have a good evening.