Monday, May 26, 2008

The Long Road Trip Is Over!

Joshua and I are back home.

We did not see a single tornado, although we spent three of the last five days driving through tornado zones.

Time for some rest.


  1. Glad to have you and Joshua back safe and sound.

    Also Glad you dodged those pesty tornadoes!

    If it's not your time, it's not your time.

    Take some much-needed rest, both of you...


  2. Thanks, J.R.

    Given the number of tornadoes in the areas we drove through, I am almost surprised (but not disappointed) that we did not see any. The weather was perfectly fine wherever we were, it seemed. We saw a few dark clouds, and that was it.

    I hope you are doing well.

    Yes, Josh and I are a bit tired. That was an awful lot of driving we did in such a short period of time.