Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Movement Afoot

It looks like my father will remain in Taipei until a week from tomorrow, unless something changes. We have been keeping in close contact with him by email ever since his flight arrived in Taipei late Sunday afternoon Minneapolis time, and he has told us that he thinks he must remain in Taipei until next Wednesday.

This means that Joshua and I will remain with my mother longer than we had planned.

My brother from Denver has decided to join us this weekend. He will fly in Thursday night, and fly back to Denver first thing Monday morning. This will give him a nice, long weekend at home. We very much look forward to seeing him.

I just hope my mother feeds us!


  1. Am sure your Mom is thrilled to have all three of you as company.

  2. Yes, my mother will be delighted that all three of us will be with her.

    She'll have a ball.