Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Tomorrow afternoon, after work, we will all go away for the long holiday weekend.

We will be visiting my older brother and his family. My brother from Denver will be joining us, too.

We are sneaking an extra day so that we will have four full days to visit: late Thursday night; all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday; and most of Monday.

It should be fun.

My nephew will be asleep when we arrive tomorrow night, but he knows that we are coming, and he is very excited. We’ll see him Friday morning, first thing, when he wakes up at 7:30 a.m. My middle brother and Josh and I will be up very early Friday morning, waiting for him.

We’re already getting excited.


  1. Have a good time in New York, Drew.

    I liked your Apollonian/Dionysian analysis of the current election situation, which Josh mentioned on his blog. That was very telling, I thought.

  2. Andrew, I hope you boys are enjoying your stay in New York.

    If you carried through with your plans to attend "Manon Lescaut", you must be there right now, right this very minute.

    Not a bad thing to do on a winter Saturday afternoon.

    When are you boys coming to Cleveland?