Sunday, January 06, 2008


Joshua and I stayed home this weekend.

This was extraordinary, because Josh and I had not stayed home for a weekend since October. Since the beginning of November, we have spent all weekends at my parents’ house or in Washington or in Oklahoma. It was almost odd, spending two quiet days at home.

Things were not too quiet, however, because we had a guest: my parents’ dog. He demands lots of attention, and we gave it to him. We took him to the park a couple of times a day, and fed him, and played with him indoors and out, and gave him lots of affection. He was entirely happy to stay with us for a couple of days. He is at home here.

My parents return tomorrow, and I think we will have my parents over for dinner tomorrow night so that my mother will not have to worry about preparing dinner her first night home.

Josh and I are talking about taking my father to see Minnesota host Northwestern Wednesday night. It will be the first game this season for all of us, and our first game under new coach Tubby Smith. We will find out tomorrow night whether my father wants to go.

We already have tickets for the following week’s Indiana game, as well as the ensuing weekend’s contest with Michigan State. We also already have tickets for the Iowa game and the Wisconsin game, both scheduled for February.

The Golden Gophers scored a coup in hiring Tubby Smith. I predict at least one Big Ten Championship within coach’s first five years in Bloomington. It may come as early as his third season.


  1. Have fun watching the game, Andrew!

    Have a great week. You deserve it so!


  2. I hope you have a great week, too, J.R.

    We are not certain yet that we will go to Wednesday night's game.

    We already have tickets to two other games over the next two weeks, and Minnesota should, theoretically, at least, easily prevail over Northwestern.

    We also have tickets to a Schubert Club recital on Tuesday night (which we might skip).

    We'll decide tonight.

    Get your week off to a good start.