Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Frigid Reception

Joshua and I are giving Paul a warm welcome to Minneapolis.

It is now midnight on Friday night, and it is ten degrees below zero.

Saturday’s high temperature is expected to be one degree below zero, with an anticipated low of thirteen degrees below zero.

Sunday’s high temperature is expected to be zero degrees Fahrenheit, with a low of eight degrees below zero.

On Monday, the high temperature is predicted to be four degrees.

We sure know how to give an out-of-town visitor a warm welcome.


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  2. I'm sending you warm thoughts, Andrew.

    Keep warm and toasty.


  3. And warm thoughts to you, J.R.

    It is supposed to get a little warmer here, starting tomorrow.

    Paul informed us that he will not be returning to Minnesota during the winter months!

    I cannot understand why!