Thursday, November 08, 2007

All Will Be Back Home Very Soon

Joshua and I have had a very busy week, getting everything ready at my parents’ house.

For the last five nights, Josh and I have helped my mother clean the house and get the bedrooms ready. We have also been making a nightly late-hours run to a different food store, picking up different food items.

Everything is ready, and tonight we have something special planned.

Tonight, Joshua and I and my mother are going to go shopping. We are going shopping in order to buy birthday presents for my nephew.

My nephew officially turned two years old a few days ago, but we are planning to celebrate his birthday on Sunday, his second day home.

It will not make any difference to him that we will be celebrating his birthday a few days late. He does not even fully understand the significance of his birthday yet, so he will not even realize that we will be celebrating on a somewhat delayed basis.

What he will understand is that he will get presents, and birthday cake and ice cream, and have lots of fun.

We pretty much know what gifts we are going to get for him, so it should not take us too long tonight.

Tomorrow afternoon, my Dad returns. Tomorrow night my brother from Denver arrives. On Saturday, my older brother and his family arrive.

We are all getting excited.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dear nephew, Andrew!

    I long for kids but the responsibility of taking full-time care for them prevents me from getting or having one!

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and to think, I'm still stuffed from last year's extravaganza. Oh, well...

    Take care, J.R.

  2. J.R., how have you been?

    I love kids, and I love my nephew. He has changed my life, although it is hard for me to articulate how and why. The first time I saw him, and the first time I held him, I fell devotedly in love with him.

    Yes, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We've already laid in the peanut butter and crackers we will be having for Thanksgiving Dinner!

    I hope you've been having a good week.


  3. Did your father go to the Humperdinck? What did he think?

  4. Calvin, yes, my father attended a performance of "Konigskinder" in Zurich. He enjoyed the opera very much.

    He said the musical performance was at a very high level. He said, however, that the stage presentation was confusing and only further muddled an already-muddled story.

    He is glad he went.

    Will you be attending Covent Garden's presentation of "Die Tote Stadt" in January? I wish I could be there to attend one of the performances. I think the conductor is the same as the Zurich "Konigskinder": Metzmacher.

  5. Yes, I will attend a performance or two of the Korngold. It is a UK premiere.

  6. Well, I am eager to hear all about it!

  7. I'll let you know what I think.