Friday, June 01, 2007

Taking Care Of Some Things

Joshua and I are going to spend the weekend at my parents' house, taking care of some things for them.

There is the lawn to be mowed, and some other yard work to do, and I think that we are going to wash the cars, too. I also think that we may try to do a little painting--go over a window or two, and have a go at a few shutters. This will save my Dad the trouble of worrying about these things.

Tonight, Josh and I are going to clean the downstairs family room, which my parents really do not use much any more. For years, it was the only room in the house with a television, but now my parents have a television in the kitchen, too. Nowadays, as a result, my parents only use the downstairs family room at Christmas, when my brothers are at home. At Christmas, my brothers like to go downstairs after dinner, and build a fire, and watch ESPN.

Josh and I will clean out the fireplace, and give everything else in the room a good, solid cleaning. This will save my mother the trouble of worrying about cleaning the room before the week of July 4, when my brothers will be home and when they may want to use the room for an evening or two when we are not at the lake.

Josh and I will be well-rewarded for our efforts. We will get plenty of good food from my mother, and plenty of frolicking from the dog.

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