Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Getting Ready For Easter

Joshua and I are in mourning, grief-stricken over Florida's repeat championship on Monday night. We are trying to carry on as best we can, given the circumstances.

Last night, Josh and I attended a Minnesota Opera performance of Leo Delibes' "Lakme". It is a charming and tuneful opera, I think, and we enjoyed the performance very much. The musical performance was at a high standard, and the physical production, attractive and somewhat lavish, was quite good, too. The physical production was imported from Australia, to be shared this season in North America between Minneapolis and Montreal.

Tonight Josh and I are over at my parents' house, helping my mother get things ready for Easter. We are doing some housecleaning for her while she is preparing some of her special Easter foods. My father is going back and forth between my mother and Josh and me, offering assistance wherever possible.

The dog is providing no assistance of any sort. In fact, he is a hindrance, running back and forth between the kitchen, where he is keeping an eye on my mother to make sure that he is not going to miss a single morsel of food she throws his way, and upstairs, where he wants to make sure that he is not going to miss out on anything interesting or fun as Josh and I clean bedrooms and bathrooms. He is sticking his nose in cleaning products and everything else, making a real nuisance of himself. He would be far happier if all four of us were to remain in a tight, unified group, in a single location, so that he could keep an eye on all four of us at the same time without having to run back and forth.

I love that dog.

My brothers and my sister-in-law and my nephew will arrive tomorrow night for Easter, and they will be with us until Sunday afternoon.

My father and Josh and I will take off work on Good Friday so that we can spend time with everyone, and I am sure that we will all have a wonderful Easter weekend. We all are looking forward to their visit very much.

I cannot wait to see everyone again.


  1. Andrew and Joshua, there's a fantastic Lakme recording with Natalie Dessay that you should listen to. She was captured in all her youthful charm and technical virtuosity that few soprano in history could match.

  2. Thank you, Opera Chanteuse.

    I think my father has that recording. We shall have to borrow it and listen to it.

    I have never heard Dessay in person, which I regret. I hope to catch up with her sometime.

    Thanks again for your knowledgeable recommendation.