Monday, March 19, 2007

Tournament Weekend

Our weekend was fun.

We did not spend as much time this weekend, glued to the television, as previous years, and this was because there were fewer genuinely interesting games this year than in the recent past. In fact, there were very few truly exciting games--and not a single absolutely riveting one--this weekend, which was somewhat of a surprise.

Personally, I was sorry to see all but one of the Big Ten teams eliminated this weekend, and Joshua was sorry to see all but two of the Big Twelve teams eliminated this weekend.

Josh and I both had to work on both Thursday and Friday, but my father took off Friday afternoon so that he could spend that time with my brother. Josh and I saw my brother on Thursday and Friday evenings, and again all day on Saturday and Sunday.

We had a wonderful time together, and I think we all spent more time playing scrabble and talking than actually watching the games.

Still, I do not think that we could have had a better weekend--and my brother will be back home, in three weeks, for Easter, so we shall all see him again soon.

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