Monday, March 05, 2007

Oklahoma City And San Diego Await

Joshua and I are all set to leave for Oklahoma on Wednesday.

We got our stuff ready this weekend, and did our mail, and everything else that had to be done, and all we need to do now is to grab our bags and head out the door Wednesday morning.

After Friday night over at my parents' house, we stayed in all weekend, although we did go to church on Sunday (and our absences the previous two Sundays were noted by our minister, but he knew that we had been in New York one of those weekends, and he knew, too, about the previous Sunday's brutal snowfall, so I am sure he forgave our absences).

I talked to my mother today, and she told me that she had everything ready for the trip to San Diego. I told her that she and my father should come over for dinner Tuesday night, the last night before we go our separate ways, and she said that she and my father would be delighted to come over for dinner that night.

Josh and I are going to give my parents two main courses: broiled salmon with Hollandaise sauce, served with brown and white rice and steamed broccoli; and baked chicken breasts with an apple glaze, served with a special herb stuffing from an old Amish cookbook, red and yellow peppers, and snap peas. It will only take Josh and I thirty minutes to prepare everything.

For dessert, I am going to make an apple-walnut coffee cake, which I can make in my sleep, from scratch. It is one of my specialties.

It should be a nice way to send everyone on their journeys.

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