Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Spell Of Bad Weather Is Over

Things have settled down now, weather-wise. Joshua and I are back home and, when we left my parents' house on Monday afternoon, their sidewalks and driveways were entirely free of any traces of snow or ice. (There were, however, giant piles of snow at the side and back of their house.)

My parents were happy to have us with them for two days during the adverse weather, from midday Saturday through midday Monday, and we were happy to see them and to take care of their snow removal for them.

A week from tomorrow, Josh and I head South--to Oklahoma, for a visit with his family and to attend the Big Twelve Conference Mens' Basketball Tournament, to be held this year in Oklahoma City. We are greatly looking forward to our trip. We will be with Josh's parents for six days, and it should be a wonderful visit. We have not seen Josh's parents and sister and brother since June of last year, and we are getting excited about seeing them again.

Josh's Dad has cleared his calendar for the entire six days of our stay, but his mother, a CPA, was unable to do so, immersed in the tax season, as she is. Still, we will see her in the evenings and, otherwise, as much as possible.

Neither Josh nor I have attended a major-conference end-of-season tournament before. Because Minnesota's basketball program has been on the skids for so many years, no one in my family has exhibited any interest in attending the Big Ten Tournament, and this has proven to be a wise policy, given how swiftly Minnesota exits the tournament every year. Josh has never attended the Big Twelve Tournament, as he was always in high school or college during the tournament weekend (and this year is the first year it has ever been staged in Oklahoma City, which is the only reason we have been invited by Josh's father).

Josh and I are also looking forward to this year's NCAA tournament very much. Ohio State and Wisconsin from the Big Ten should do well, and Texas and Kansas from the Big Twelve should be competitive. While Minnesota will not get one of the 64 spots, both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are likely to get into the NCAA field. We will have plenty of teams to root for.

Since Josh and I do not have a television, we shall have to spend some serious time during the tournament over at my parents' house!

My parents won't mind, and my Dad will enjoy having some company to watch the games with him.


  1. I just found your blog tonight--a shame it wasn't a couple of weeks ago because I might then have been able to meet you and say hello in person at the matinee JENUFA atthe MET. It is one of my very special operas and I can never get through the last duet without breaking down entirely.

    I likle how you write and what interests you--I'll be back.

    All best,


  2. Will:

    Thank you for your kind words. That was very nice of you.

    The final duet in "Jenufa" always leaves a lump in my throat--it is one of the most deeply moving moments in the entire repertory, I think. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    All the best to you--and now I will visit your blog.


  3. Will:

    I tried to post on your blog, without success, and under the entry about your Jenufa/Onegin day in New York.

    We are having computer problems, and my post got rejected over and over.


    I just wanted to let you know.

    Wow, you have a very detailed blog! I shall have to go back and read it all sometime, but I cannot tonight.

    All the best.