Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Off To Houston

Today I go to Houston on business for two weeks. I will be assisting two senior attorneys from my firm on an important matter, and I am pleased and honored that I have been asked to accompany them.

Today, after work, Joshua will go to my parents' house and stay there for the next two weeks. He will have company, and people to take care of him, and I think he will be much happier than staying by himself for two weeks in a lonely apartment.

I have been very, very busy at work. I worked during much of this past weekend. Nevertheless, Josh and I did make it to a concert of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra on Saturday night, and we did spend Monday afternoon and evening at my parents' house, eating and talking and laughing and playing with the dog--even outside, in the cold.

I will miss everybody very, very much during the next two weeks, but at least I will be busy, which is good.

During my absence, my middle brother will celebrate his 29th birthday. Josh and I already mailed our gift, and my brother promised not to open it when it arrives, but to save it for his birthday. I will call him that day, and tell him how much I love him, and wish him the best on this very, very special day.

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