Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This Very Special Day

Today my beautiful older brother turns 32.

I wish we could all be with him to help him celebrate his birthday, but we will not see him for another ten days. However, our thoughts will be with him all day today.

When he returns home from work tonight, he will find that he has not been forgotten.

Joshua and I sent my brother a birthday card and we also had a birthday gift delivered directly to his home. Both arrived late last week, and my brother's wife set them aside, hiding them in the closet of the baby's room.

My other brother also sent a birthday card and he also had a birthday gift delivered directly to my older brother's home. These items also have arrived and they await him tonight, when they will emerge from the same closet.

On Sunday, after we trimmed my parents' Christmas tree, my mother baked a cake for my brother's birthday. She baked one of his two favorite kinds of cake.

On Sunday night, we packed the cake, very, very carefully, into a special cake container, and we prepared a special package containing the cake, my parents' birthday card and my parents' birthday gift. My mother took the package to Federal Express yesterday morning, and these items should arrive at my brother's home while he is at work today.

All of these things will be waiting for him when he arrives home from work tonight.

Joshua and I, and my brother, and my mother and father, all sent special birthday greetings to my older brother at his work email address, and these birthday messages will be waiting for him when he arrives at work this morning.

Tonight, all of us will telephone him and wish him the best on this very special day.

Still, all of us wish we could be there in person.

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