Monday, December 18, 2006

Last-Minute Shopping

I rode home with my father this evening after work. On the ride home, he asked me if I knew what I was going to get my mother for Christmas, as a replacement for the Caspar David Friedrich book.

I told my Dad that I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to get my Mom, and I told him what I had been thinking of getting as a replacement gift. He told me that he thought my idea was a good one, and he asked me when I was going to go get it.

I told him that Joshua and I were going to go look for what I wanted tonight, and my Dad said that he and my Mom were going to go shopping tonight, too, to get my replacement Christmas gift. He asked me if Josh and I wanted to go with them, and I told my Dad that I would ask Josh when he got home from work. My Dad said to let him know as soon as possible, because he and my Mom were going to eat dinner out tonight during the course of their shopping, and that he and my Mom would wait to hear from us before leaving the house.

When Josh got home from work, I asked him about joining my parents tonight for dinner and shopping, and he said "Sure", so I called my father and Josh and I went over to my parents' house and, from there, we all went shopping.

We decided to shop for an hour first, and then have dinner, so Josh and I split from my parents after we arrived at the mall, and he and I went our way and my Mom and my Dad went their way. Josh and I found what we wanted, and we were back at the agreed-upon meeting place at the arranged time to meet up with my parents again.

My parents were a few minutes late but, when we saw them walking towards us, we could observe that they, too, had a package, just as we did. Happily, it only took a little over an hour for all of us to find replacement gifts for the Friedrich book. That was not too bad for a last-minute effort!

We all went out to dinner together, and then we came home.

Josh and I only have four more work days before the holiday.

Christmas will soon be here!

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